Ministry of the Interior is a brand new service that gives transparency on Finnish government procurement. Web service has information about what the state buys and which public funds are used. You can explore purchases, for example, by organization or category. Dataset should be soon available on Finnish open data site but I fetched all invoices using R from Ministry of the Interior and created an interactive Tableau application for better overview. Colors are adjusted to match with publications from Ministry of the Interior.

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Tableau Server for Linux – Deployment on AWS

Tableau Server for Linux is now available for beta testing. I subscribed to this program many months and back then I decided that the day when the beta version becomes available I will deploy it on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a good exercise to get familiar with the architecture in AWS and also look into configuration of Tableau Server.  I want to share my experiences of the installation process.

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Social Media analytics (SoMeLytics): Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter

In this example I want to show you how one of my favourite software quickly translates raw website traffic data and Facebook data to a visual presentation. Purpose of this visualisation is to demonstrate how Tableau can connect to data on Facebook, Google Analytics and Twitter.

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